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I am hiatus but...

…I have new costumes! I have my Ciel Phantohive's costume already. It is awesome though it is still too big for me so I have to do something about it but it is ready! After I finish the eye patch and the cane, I am all ready... Oh it is still few days before the ring comes though.

My Sebastian costume is in progress, 20 percent to go. I have the gloves already. And the shoes ;) Now I would only wait for the wig....

What to say? I am so sad I have to wait before I could wear it :( But what can I do? I just need to finish my thesis asap and back to cosplay.

;-O goodbye for a while

So, I just got a phone call from my parents. To make things simple, let's say, I've to stop cosplay...
...for a while.

Because I need to focus on my thesis. I just got some warning (sigh) from my daddy that I need to finish my thesis asap. I've been postponing it for a while... So yeah, it's time to work on it. I can always cosplay after that.

As for my thesis... My major is Law. To be exact, International Law. (Though I am tempted to write a thesis about cyber crime... ah cyber bullying is a crime btw so for you kids who cannot behave in internet, get ready, someday it would bite your ass).

Back to the main topic, I have to postpone my cosplay plan for a while :sigh: i hope it doesnt take a year for me to finish the thesis... because i am reaaaally lazy... ;w;

So yeah, basically, this is a temporary good by from me >W<)/



today, (or rather yesterday? Because right now is 1am already) me and my team had a simple photoshoot... it was so tiring for me cuz yesterday and the day after I went to some event....

this is me and madam, day 1 JTF... The event was actually a toys fair and the location is... uh let's say, it was so hot so we wore simple costumes.

after the event we went to Mc Donald... still wearing our costume yeaahh... we were too tired to be bothered by how people look at us. well actually we didnt really care cuz i think those people didnt look at us negatively.... (in fact they kinda ignored us lol)

and then the day after, me, madam and yon cosplay another simple cosplay. Uta no prince sama's character, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus. My costume wasnt complete with no vest and the wig wasnt nicely done but again, because we came only to have fun with some friends, we didnt really care.

As expected, noone recognized what characters we cosplayed there xD Well, they dont even know these characters... I think UtaPuri wasnt that popular there :P

back to today, the photoshoot was.... what to say? it was only simple shoot. Not all of us could come today but it was still fun ;)

after we finished we went to some food court nearby, and ate... it was fun.... i felt so tired though and tomorrow I still have to attend the dancing practice... damn! gotta sleep soon!

Do what you love, Love what you do...

Some people asked me why I cosplay or how to be confident when I cosplay... The answer might be different if you asked the questions to another people but for me, I cosplay because I love it and I feel confident because I know I didnt do anything wrong and I have tried my best.

People will judge you, that is a fact. There is a fanpage recently that started to cause some "drama" by starting to criticize the cosplayers... Not that I hate the page, no, I try not to hate it but I dislike the way people there started to fight each other... Just because one side agrees with the page to criticize the cosplayers to make them better, and the other side disagrees because they think those people didn't have the right or the credibility to jydge them....

As for me, I am sorry to say but I think they are too harsh (that page and people there)… Because cosplay is a hobby, just like drawing, singing and collecting stamps. Unless they are in a competition, why do you spend so much time to criticize them? You dont even know them, their reason, and many things behind their cosplay.... Ask them directly, tell them directly, no need to use harsh word... Isnt that easy? It is your right to criticize them but isnt it also their right to cosplay? If you use "right" as a reason, there would be no end of this matter...

Why should you spread hatred?

When you hurt someone by your comment, do you feel happy? Because I wont. I would feel bad.

You dont know them, dont judge them.

I love cosplay, I know many of you do, too... And I dont want people to fight each other just because of this. Because we love the same thing, let's try to respect each other...


My eyes....

This isn't something important, maybe, but right now I cant wear softlens :( My eyes hurt and I dont know why, I guess maybe it is because I wore my softlens for too long few days ago...

(this is me with no make up and bad eyes... my right eyes were so red actually. next to me were Madam Elie and Yon Chan)

I am sad because this Saturday and Sunday I plan to go to Jogja Toys Fair and cosplay there but with these eyes I am afraid I wont be able to wear softlens... It doesnt look good either because they were kinda red and swollen. I tried to cover it with make ups but.... yeah... it can do only so much....

New Blog , New Day

Hello, This is a new blog from me, this blog is ALL about cosplay and my fangirl material.

Do you like my background and backsong?
Isn't it beautiful?

Well, Ok, I would like to explain right now, what had happened to me and what would I do from now on. Whether it is important for you to read, or not, you decide. For me, it helps me to lighten my feeling by writing this.

I know, most of you had known what had happened and I know it wouldn't be wise to keep on talking about this stuff, but this will be the last time I talk about this, I swear. I will not bother to write about this anymore. This is going to be the last time.

Actually, I felt down few days ago that I wanted to quit it. No cosplay, no sosmed, no drama~! But I remember now, after talking with many people. I remember why I am cosplaying. I remember that I cosplay because I love the characters, I love the anime and game and manga, and I love photography.

Like some people had written about me, I am not pretty. I am not even good looking. My cosplays are simple and I always have this unnatural expression on my face. Of course the way they said that isn't as nice as what I wrote just now. They simply called me ugly and that I don't deserve anything I have right now.

Those people said that I am deceiving people by wearing thick make up and photoshop my photos. Here I just want to explain, though they won't listen, I just have to explain, that I NEVER mentioned that I didn't wear make up or photoshop my face. I kept on telling people, I wear make up and use photoshop. I didn't hide my real face. I posted my face with no make up, no photoshop... I never think that I am better looking than anybody. I just want to make it clear that I didn't plan to deceive anyone. That's just what cosplay is. Every cosplayer needs make up and almost every photo needs photoshop.

When this happened, I realized that I will never be able to please anyone. That I was being too naive, thinking that if I am being nice to people, they will be nice to me too.

I will not change, I will still try to be nice, because it makes me able to sleep at night, knowing I didn't do anything 'wrong' or 'evil'.

I will only try to accept the fact that no matter how hard I tried, humans are human. I could only try not to be down and drowned.

For everyone that had listened to what I said, thank you for lending me your ears.

For everyone that had patted my backs, thank you for lending me your strength.

For everyone that had been angry for me, thank you for defending me.

For everyone that had been there, saying nothing, doing nothing, thank you for being there.

For everyone that had stabbed me, talked bad about me, judged me, thank you for opening my eyes that there would always people like you in this world.

Ah, by the way, this is random but... for the Valentine Fansign Event, I did the costest today and yeah... I will still make the FS for you who had asked for it :)