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Thank You....

hey ho! finally an update from meh! yeppp I am so inactive lately, I rarely even update my page blergh....

by the way I am so into Mamoru Miyano's thank you lately, the second song of his single, Kanon....

the lyric is soooo beautiful.... I wa planning to write and translate the lyric now but I change my mind, I am oh so lazy! haha.

well a little update from me. keep in touch!

Hello, are you fasting?

I am fasting so I should control my anger, thus, I decided to post this after I break my fast.

I really hated it when people decided something that would have something to do with me without asking first. And I am sick of "I am sorry" and "I will never do that again" shit because YOU DID THAT, again.

I dont talk about this to anyone, seriously like ANYONE, but the fact is: I HATE, to the bone, fucking hate my ex-group. Not the members, I hate the existence of tht group. For that group had practically ruined my relationship with the members and has changed the members.

They dont recognize it but I hate it that they started acting like they had done something big and how important they are and forgot who they actually are.... (i am looking at the mirror when I say this because I know I am just like them and I hate this part of me too)

I hate the fact that they treat me like a shit (i feel that way seriously, for whatever reason ive been excluded from the group). I know, they might be annoyed by me or maybe they are scared by me, or maybe it was only me who think of them as friend....

but not anymore.

for now, what left is disappointment and being as bitchy witchy evil as I am, I prayed that it would bite you in the ass.

you will read this blog, that is what I planned and you will discuss about this. And talk about many many many self-defence. I know it, and I plan it. No one would confront me though they know I am wrong, because talking behind someone's back is yummier.

i am wrong for what i am wrong, no excuse. I am ready if i were confronted for what i am saying.

I just want to make it clearer DONT RELATE ME TO ANY OF YOUR ACTIVITY ANYMORE. Because I feel like being used. Yes, you might think I toss you aside, but think again, its you who toss me aside. After shit I have done for you . Arent you guys awesome? :)

I hate excuse because I know you guys better than you guys know yourself, some of you didnt actually care and some of you would do anything only to save their own ass, and some of you were too scared.

you dont know how to handle me? :") fine, fuck you all.

I am hiatus but...

…I have new costumes! I have my Ciel Phantohive's costume already. It is awesome though it is still too big for me so I have to do something about it but it is ready! After I finish the eye patch and the cane, I am all ready... Oh it is still few days before the ring comes though.

My Sebastian costume is in progress, 20 percent to go. I have the gloves already. And the shoes ;) Now I would only wait for the wig....

What to say? I am so sad I have to wait before I could wear it :( But what can I do? I just need to finish my thesis asap and back to cosplay.

;-O goodbye for a while

So, I just got a phone call from my parents. To make things simple, let's say, I've to stop cosplay...
...for a while.

Because I need to focus on my thesis. I just got some warning (sigh) from my daddy that I need to finish my thesis asap. I've been postponing it for a while... So yeah, it's time to work on it. I can always cosplay after that.

As for my thesis... My major is Law. To be exact, International Law. (Though I am tempted to write a thesis about cyber crime... ah cyber bullying is a crime btw so for you kids who cannot behave in internet, get ready, someday it would bite your ass).

Back to the main topic, I have to postpone my cosplay plan for a while :sigh: i hope it doesnt take a year for me to finish the thesis... because i am reaaaally lazy... ;w;

So yeah, basically, this is a temporary good by from me >W<)/



today, (or rather yesterday? Because right now is 1am already) me and my team had a simple photoshoot... it was so tiring for me cuz yesterday and the day after I went to some event....

this is me and madam, day 1 JTF... The event was actually a toys fair and the location is... uh let's say, it was so hot so we wore simple costumes.

after the event we went to Mc Donald... still wearing our costume yeaahh... we were too tired to be bothered by how people look at us. well actually we didnt really care cuz i think those people didnt look at us negatively.... (in fact they kinda ignored us lol)

and then the day after, me, madam and yon cosplay another simple cosplay. Uta no prince sama's character, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus. My costume wasnt complete with no vest and the wig wasnt nicely done but again, because we came only to have fun with some friends, we didnt really care.

As expected, noone recognized what characters we cosplayed there xD Well, they dont even know these characters... I think UtaPuri wasnt that popular there :P

back to today, the photoshoot was.... what to say? it was only simple shoot. Not all of us could come today but it was still fun ;)

after we finished we went to some food court nearby, and ate... it was fun.... i felt so tired though and tomorrow I still have to attend the dancing practice... damn! gotta sleep soon!

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